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StudentRoomStay is the dedicated provider for securing the ideal living situation tailored to your unique needs. With a worldwide network of host families and off-campus partners, we're here to ensure your move into new housing is seamless and stress-free.


Let us be your guide


We understand the challenges and stress of navigating housing for international students. Working with an extensive network of host families and housing partners, we are here to ensure you get the...

Best Rate,  Best Term  &  Best Option! 

Specifically designed for students over 18 years old, our Immerse & Propel package have been proven to be the industries simplest, safest and most successful way for students to find secure and affordable housing.

We are ready to support, educate, and guide you throughout your student journey.




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Select your option

Choose the package that is right for you. We offer Hosted Accommodations, Off Campus Housing or a combination of both along with meals and transportation options.

Complete your profile

Let us know your preferences, price range  and what you're looking for in a host family or your home away from home.

Matching process begins

Based on your profile, we will find the best possible option for you. 

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Immerse Yourself Into
Hosted Accommodation

Simple and transparent pricing.

Abrego Apartments


( Hosted Accommodations )
  • Services Include:
  • Matching and Placement
  • Vetted & Secure Host
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Flexible Dates
  • Meal Options
  • Transportation Options
  • Price Match Guarentee

* Monthly accommodation fees will be due 30 days prior to stay.



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 ( Hosted to Off Campus Transition )

Receive everything from both Immerse & Propel Packages

Select your desired homestay duration, and we'll assist you in transitioning to off-campus housing when you're ready, allowing you to adjust to your new surroundings before making a long-term commitment.

* Monthly accommodation fees will be due 30 days prior to stay.


Abrego Apartments


( Off-Site Housing )

Services Include:

Matching and Placement
Vetted & Secure Facility

Cultural Immersion
Application Assistance
Negotiated Leases
Negotiated Rates
Scam Prevention
Price Match Guarantee

* Monthly accommodation fees will be due 30 days prior to stay.


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Information about

our Hosts!

Our hosts are an integral part of international student's success. Hosts families are excited to open up their home, welcome YOU, and provide the highest form of hospitality throughout your entire experience. Host families will mentor you through your U.S. journey and help you with any questions, concerns or issues that arise.  

  • 24/7 support

  • Personalized student/family matches

  • Vetted selection of households

  • Lifelong friendship opportunities

  • Extra assistance transitioning to American student life

  • Help navigating the local community


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