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About San Francisco

San Francisco is an entertaining and resourceful place to live for any student. Not only does it provide gorgeous views and an upbeat nightlife, SF is a great place to find internships and prepare for your future career.

In a city as diverse as San Francisco, it is important to find a home in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and interests to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Here are some of the most popular areas to find a student room in San Francisco.

Mission District: This SF neighborhood is very hipster with a Latino flare. Here you can find live-music dance clubs, vintage style taco shops and artsy tattoo parlors. Some of the most photo-worthy characteristics of Mission District are the vivacious murals that line the streets. Another highlight of this neighborhood is Dolores Park, a relaxing area perfect for picnics, reading a book or simply enjoying the skyline views.

South Beach: A bit more quiet than downtown San Francisco, South Beach offers gorgeous Pacific Ocean views and access to the beach. This is the perfect spot for baseball fans because it is home to the AT&T ballpark. South Beach also has interesting monuments scattered throughout the neighborhood and museums available for more art and history exploration.

Showplace Square: Showplace Square is a student-friendly neighborhood with a variety of coffee shops, fitness centers and grocery stores to support your daily routines. The nightlife in this area includes many eclectic cocktail bars with tasty appetizers inspired by a wide range of cultures. Showplace Square is a functional and entertaining place for student living.

Mission Bay: This neighborhood in San Francisco is becoming a real hotspot for student housing. This area offers a dense urban feel and no shortage of outdoor activities to do. Mission Creek Park provides dog play areas, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and a series of trails for jogging and bike riding. Another perk of living in Mission Bay as a student is that the homes tend to have more outdoor amenities available than most places in downtown SF.

Regardless of which neighborhood you decide to live in, our team is here to help you find student housing in San Francisco that fits your exact needs. Be sure to create your profile to start saving your favorite rooms! For on-the-go mobile room hunting, download our app.


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