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SRS x Internationalstudent.com

Find a Host Family in the USA

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Host Family Matching: How it Works

1. Select your Host Family Matching Service

Select the service that works for your timeline. → Get started

2. Complete your Student Profile

Let us know what you're looking for in a host family.

3. The Matching Process Begins!

We'll find a safe and welcoming host family near your school.

Learn More About Our Homestay Services

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Homestay Packages for International Students

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SRS Pro Plan
for Students 18+

What’s Included:

✔️ Vetted Host Family
✔️ SRS International App
✔️ SRS Support

+ 📲 Mobile access to: pre-arrival info, host info, check in protection, articles and more.

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SRS Guardian
for Under-18 Students

What's Included:

✔️ Everything in SRS Pro, +
✔️ Guardianship
✔️ School Transportation
✔️ Daily Meals
✔️ Monthly Check-In
✔️ SRS Premium Support

*Please note that this includes the weekly pricing only (matching fee, add-on services and add-on products are not included). Homestay pricing is subject to change.

Learn More About Homestay with SRS

If you are interested in homestay, but don't have your school picked out yet, join our mailing list to stay connected! We'll be here to help you find a safe, hospitable American host family when the time is right. 

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Matching Service Options and Pricing

We carefully facilitate the matching arrangements between every international student and their host family, with service options available based on each student's estimated arrival date.

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Expedited Matching
14 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 14 days or less. 


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SRS Standard
30 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 30 days or less.


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SRS Flexible
90 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 90 days or less.


*Depending on the matching service selected, our team will provide a host family option within 14, 30 or 90 days of the matching fee payment. Matches needed any earlier may require an expedite fee (in addition to the original matching fee). We are unable to guarantee a match in less than 7 days.

Customize Your Homestay Package with Add-On Services

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+ Breakfast

✓ Includes breakfast
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)


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+ Lunch

✓ Includes lunch
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)


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+ Dinner

✓ Includes dinner
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)


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+ Transportation

✓ Daily transportation to and from your school (for students 18+)


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+ Health Insurance

✓ Stay protected from unexpected medical costs

view packages

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+ Airport Rides

✓ Get a ride to/from the airport or your homestay

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Ready to get matched with a host family near your school?