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Hosting Homestay Students in Seattle

If you are a Seattle local who wants a unique experience, consider hosting an international student. This is an incredible way to help a young student further their education and experience a different culture without traveling. Moreover, you and your house guest will likely build a bond that makes them feel like family. Hosting absolutely helps students expand their opportunities and knowledge, but it can be an incredibly gratifying experience for you as well.

If you want to host an international student in Seattle, continue reading to learn more.

The Benefits of Being a Homestay Host in Seattle

Whether you are a traditional family, empty nester, single, or any other type of household, you may be qualified to host an international student. Students always have the option of off-campus housing and dorms, but these pale compared to the homestay experience. Homestay allows you and the student to have an enriching cross-culture relationship.

As you and your guest bond, you can learn more about their culture. They can tell you about their traditions, stories, foods, and family in their home country. Maybe they will even show you their favorite dances or recipes that remind them of home. This is an intimate way to learn about another culture in your home.

Learning about the culture in a new country is a significant reason students choose to study abroad. This helps them see new places and expand their knowledge in ways they never had back home. You can cook your favorite meals for them, take them to your favorite places, or offer recommendations of local sights they should check out.

Seattle homestay agencies, like us here at StudentRoomStay, do offer compensation for hosting. The amount offered can depend on the agency and services offered and additional factors like housing costs, amenities, meals, and the student’s age. Taking another person into your home brings additional costs, but host compensation helps to offset these costs significantly. The compensation details will be before you begin hosting to ensure they are satisfactory for you.

Ready to Become a Homestay Host?

If you are ready to become a homestay host in Seattle, StudentRoomStay can help. We work very closely with students and host families to find a good match, and we stay involved during the stay. We aim to ensure that both parties are happy with the arrangement for the entire duration.

There are many homestay agencies, but we are the most recognized international homestay provider. We consider a plethora of details and offer services to maintain a happy homestay, including:

  • Details on your guest and their background
  • 24-hour support for issues or emergencies
  • Handle billing and offer payment directly to you through direct deposit
  • Train you on cultural understanding and offer information on how your family and the student can enjoy the whole experience

Whenever you are ready to begin the exciting hosting journey, head to our website to fill out the host application. We look forward to working with you throughout your hosting.

Ready to Host an International Student in Seattle?

Apply today! The application is free and no immediate commitment is required.