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No matter what age you are or what country you're from—if you're a student seeking a successful and enjoyable academic experience in the United States, welcome home. You're in the right place.
Why Us?

Providers for a purpose

StudentRoomStay was formed to make students' lives easier. Transparency and safety are at the top of our priority list. This is your all-inclusive, one-stop-shop for student housing and student life.

Finding your perfect host family or helping you book a room near your school is just the beginning—we're here to ensure you have a positive living experience from start to finish. Our services for students continue far after the booking process is complete. 

  • Modern Technology

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

  • Meal Packages 

  • Global Partnerships 

  • Accommodation Matching

  • Student-Friendly Amenities

  • Safe and Secure Booking

  • Online Health Care 

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homestay for international students 


With our global partnerships, collectively we have over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have placed over 150k international students with safe and welcoming host families across the world. Student safety and well-being are at the top of our priority list for the entirety of every student's study abroad experience in the US.

  • CSIET- Certified Homestay Programs

  • Relationships with Premier High Schools

  • Nationwide Host Family Inventory

  • Global Agency Partnerships

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Enhancing the college student experience 

We provide all forms of off-campus housing on a safe and user-friendly platform, with a personal support rep that will find that perfect place if you need help. With our mobile app, countless resources created specifically to improve everyday college life will be accessible in the palm of your hand. 

  • Find Student Housing Near Your School

  • Safely Communicate with Landlords

  • Move-in and Move-out Protection

  • Exclusive Resources and Local Savings 

We are here for you

Services Include

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Modern Technology

Our intelligent technology provides students with the resources they need for an efficient and stress-free experience.
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Global Partnerships

Our Global Homestay Alliance includes some of the world's best standards-based student accommodation providers.
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Safe Communication

Safely communicate with landlords and property owners for maintenance requests and more, directly through the app.

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Certified Homestay

CSIET certified programs include host training, in-home interviews and thorough background checks for all host families. 

Meal Packages

Meal Packages

Meal packages and transportation available for every student plan and included in all high school student packages.
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24/7 Support

With a focus on safety, comfort and the highest-quality service–our dedicated team is always available at our 24/7 support line.

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