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San Luis Obispo, CA

Stipend Rates for Host Families

Become a Host Family
in San Luis Obispo

We offer different packages for students depending on their location, meal requirements, age and needs. Hosts can choose the level of service they wish to offer and we will match students according to their requirements and the services offered by each host. Hosts are reimbursed a set amount depending on the package chosen by the student.

Get Paid to Host an International Student in San Luis Obispo

college hat icon

Host a
College Student
(students 18+)

What's Required:

✔️ Private Bedroom
✔️ Shared or Private Bathroom

Approx. Stipend Amount

Earn ~ $1,200/month

No meals or transportation required
dd-on services available for college students)

high school icon

Host a
High School Student
(students under-18)

What's Required:

✔️ Private Bedroom
✔️ Shared or Private Bathroom
✔️ Daily Transportation to/from School
✔️ Three Meals per Day
✔️ Monthly Check-In Reports

Approx. Stipend Amount

Earn ~ $1,700/month

Please note that one month refers to a 4-week period for providing a private room. Hosts get paid on a bi-weekly basis. If you provide a shared room, your stipend will decrease slightly. Homestay stipend rates are subject to change. SRS partner schools may have different negotiated homestay reimbursement rates than the reimbursement rates listed.

Increase Your Stipend Rate with Add-On Services

breakfast icon

+ Breakfast

✓ Provide breakfast
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)

+ $15/week

lunch icon-1

+ Lunch

✓ Provide lunch
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)

+ $25/week

daily meals icon

+ Dinner

✓ Provide dinner
every day, 7 days per week
(for students 18+)

+ $55/week

*Please note that this includes the weekly pricing only (matching fee, add-on services and add-on products are not included). Homestay pricing is subject to change.

transportation icon-1

+ Transportation

✓ Provide daily transportation to/from school
(for students 18+)

+ $75/week

airplane icon-1

+ Airport Rides

✓ Provide a ride to/from the airport
(all ages) one-time payment(s)

+ $100-200

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