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Chicago, IL

Homestay Pricing for International Students



Homestay in Chicago

Studying abroad in the United States can be an incredible experience for students from all over the world. It helps to expand your education and worldview significantly, and you get to experience a whole new culture. However, the United States is a large country with many cities you can choose from to study abroad in, which can be overwhelming. If you haven’t decided on a location, Chicago, Illinois, could be an excellent choice. Located in the scenic midwest, Chicago is home to a diverse population, which makes it welcoming for international students.

If you want to know more about the housing options, attractions, and benefits of Chicago for international students, continue reading below.

Study Abroad in Chicago

Why Study Abroad in Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago, or the “Windy City” as it is often colloquially referred to, is a diverse melting pot of people from all over. This makes it an excellent fit for international students wanting to study abroad. Chicago is the third most populated city in the United States, and it has cemented itself as a central hub for education, travel, and business dealings.

The daily operations of Chicago are far from what make it such a remarkable city. It is also a source of incredible music, as it is the birthplace of gospel, house, electric blues, and more. This musical heart of Chicago is still evident in the 250 live music venues across the city, including the Lyric Opera, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and many more. Be sure to catch a few of your favorite artists while living in the city!

Chicago Homestay Agencies Can Help Get You to the Windy City

Finding a place to stay while traveling abroad is often one of the most challenging factors. Luckily, Chicago has many housing options, with Chicago homestay agencies, like us here at StudentRoomStay, being one of the cost-effective options. Homestay is when you come to Chicago to stay with a local family that has agreed to host. This offers affordable housing and a cultural experience you won’t get from expensive dorms. Moreover, our homestay packages include your housing, meals, and utilities, which frees you up to concentrate on your studies.

We offer homestay packages for those in college and high school. Our package options are detailed below:

College Students

Our homestay services for college students offer the following:

  • A vetted family
  • An SRS international app
  • SRS support
  • Pre-arrival information
  • Host information
  • Check-in protection
High School Students

SRS packages for high schoolers include:

  • Guardianship
  • School transportation
  • Daily meals
  • Monthly check-in
  • SRS premium support
  • Everything in SRS Pro+

Contact us today for more information or personal consultation about your homestay.

Chicago Recreational Activities

If you are looking for fun activities during your days off from school, Chicago has plenty. The ample supply of live music is mentioned above, but Chicago offers far more as well. You can get your culture fix in with the multiple museums, such as The Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum, or the Museum of Science and Industry. There are also ample outdoor attractions, like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park Zoo. If you want tourist attractions, visit Skydeck Chicago, Cloud Gate, Shedd Aquarium, and more.

Ready to Study in Chicago?

If you are ready to dive into your study abroad in Chicago, StudentRoomStay is here to help. Head over to our student homestay page to start your journey!

We're ready to lock-in your homestay in Chicago!