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Miami, FL

Homestay Pricing for International Students



Homestay in Miami

Studying abroad in the United States can be one of the most exciting and unique opportunities for international students. Not only will you be able to further your education at highly-rated educational institutions, but you will also get to see entirely new places and cultures.

Of course, the U.S. is a big place with many cities to choose from, making it difficult to . If you are interested in studying abroad but are unsure where to go, consider Miami, Florida! Miami is no stranger to diversity and international travelers, making it an excellent fit for international students.

To learn more about Miami’s housing options, perks, and attractions, continue reading below.

Study Abroad in Miami

Why Miami Florida is Perfect for Studying Abroad

Miami is in the top ten most populated U.S. cities, and to call it a melting pot is underselling. People flock to this beautiful southern city from all around the world, whether just to visit or to , which means it will be easy to settle into your temporary home. Sometimes called the “Gateway to Latin America,” Miami is home to many people from Haiti, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

There are numerous attractions and appeals to the city of Miami. Miami is also called the “Magic City” by many locals, as you will fall in love with the fantastic weather year-round, beautiful art scene, and unique architecture. It is also known for its numerous and diverse restaurant offerings, with seafood being a favorite.

How a Miami Homestay Agency Can Help You Study Abroad

Of course, housing is one of the first factors to consider in studying abroad. Fortunately, there are options to make studying abroad in Miami a reality. Miami homestay agencies, like StudentRoomStay, are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to achieve your dream.

Homestay involves housing with a Miami local approved to host international students. Dorms and off-campus housing are always options, but they don’t offer the cultural experience that homestay does. Our homestay packages are inclusive to allow you to focus on your studies, as they cover housing, meals, and utilities.

Check out below for the details of our homestay packages for college and high school students.

College Students

Our homestay services for college students offer the following:

  • A vetted family
  • An SRS international app
  • SRS support
  • Pre-arrival information
  • Host information
  • Check-in protection
  • High School Students
High School Students

SRS packages for high schoolers include:

  • Guardianship
  • School transportation
  • Daily meals
  • Monthly check-in
  • SRS premium support
  • Everything in SRS Pro+

If you would like more information or a personal consultation, contact StudentRoomStay or head over to our homestay services page.

Miami Recreation and Entertainment

Of course, one of the best things about Miami is the beautiful landscapes and water. Head to one of the numerous beaches for a swim or check out the public Venetian Pool. Even better, take a trip to Jungle Island, an eco-adventure park on Watson Island. Speaking of eco-adventure, don’t miss out on the multiple zoos, like Zoo Miami and the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

If you want to see the culture and art scene, head to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Wynwood Walls, or the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. And don’t forget to visit as many of the fantastic restaurants as you can during your stay in Miami!

Expand Your Education in Sunny Miami

Does Miami seem like the best place for your study abroad? Then, let StudentRoomStay help make it a reality. You can contact us today or visit our website to start your journey.

We're ready to lock-in your homestay in Miami!