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Philadelphia, PA

Homestay Pricing for International Students



Study Abroad in Philadelphia

Thinking about studying abroad in Philadelphia? If you’re interested in U.S. history, enjoying delicious food and taking in local sites (like the beautiful Longwood Gardens or iconic steps from the movie Rocky), Philadelphia is the right place for you.

Philadelphia is also the second largest city on the East Coast and has the sixth most populous workforce in the country, making it a great destination for young professionals looking to branch out.

Study Abroad in Philadelphia


Find Your Homestay Family

With SRS, you can experience all of the educational and vocational opportunities the U.S. has to offer without the stress of having to figure it all out on your own.

Start your study abroad journey with StudentRoomStay and get connected with our amazing partner schools and safe, welcoming host families in Philadelphia, PA.

We’ll work with you to find the right host family match so you can focus on preparing for your adventure!

Find Your Homestay Family

We're ready to lock-in your homestay family in Philadelphia, PA.