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Seattle, WA

Homestay Pricing for International Students



Homestay in Seattle

Are you considering studying abroad in the United States? This can be a fantastic way to advance your education and see another part of the world. Of course, there are numerous places you could choose to study abroad. But if you haven’t decided yet, consider Seattle, WA!

Seattle is located on the west coast of the U.S. and offers a beautiful climate and numerous perks for international students. This beautiful city is home to several well-known landmarks, highly-rated educational institutions, and more that make it a great place to study abroad.

Continue reading below to learn about the many benefits of studying in Seattle, including the city’s housing options, attractions, and more.

Study Abroad in Seattle

Why You Should Study Abroad in Seattle WA

The beautiful evergreen forests of Seattle have landed it the title of “Emerald City,” which has driven many people to relocate t. This makes the city a wonderful blend of people originally from all over the country and some from outside the country as well.

The diverse population makes it a welcoming fit for students traveling abroad to study. The opportunities in Seattle are endless, as evidenced by well-known companies starting in the city, such as Amazon and Starbucks.

As mentioned above, the natural environment is part of what makes Seattle WA so incredible. Spend your free days checking out the nearly 500 parks Seattle offers. You can also head to the coast with binoculars to potentially see seals and orcas or relax on the beach in the beautiful weather. If you’re feeling up to it, jump in for a swim or rent a kayak and head out on the water.

A Seattle Homestay Agency Can Help Get You There

Of course, figuring out where to stay during your education is a significant factor in studying abroad. Fortunately, there are several housing options available in Seattle. One of the most cost-effective options is to use a Seattle homestay agency, like us here at StudentRoomStay. Homestay means staying with a local host family, offering you affordable housing to further your education and learn the culture through the host. Even better, our homestay services include your housing, meals, and utilities.

We offer homestay packages for college and high school students, which are detailed here:

College Students

Our homestay services for college students offer the following:

  • A vetted family
  • An SRS international app
  • SRS support
  • Pre-arrival information
  • Host information
  • Check-in protection
High School Students

SRS packages for high schoolers include:

  • Guardianship
  • School transportation
  • Daily meals
  • Monthly check-in
  • SRS premium support
  • Everything in SRS Pro+

For more information, contact us today for a personal consultation.

Additional Recreation in Seattle

Nature isn’t all that Seattle has, as it is also home to several famous attractions and landmarks you won’t want to miss. These include the Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Seattle Art Museum, and many more.

Several infamous locations are travelers’ favorite sights, such as the flying fish at Pike Place Market and the unique restaurant, The Pink Door. Seattle has one of the best restaurant scenes in the country because of its melting pot of cultures.

Is Seattle Calling Your Name?

If Seattle seems like the right location for you to study abroad, StudentRoomStay can help make it happen. Start your journey today by heading over to our website.

We're ready to lock-in your homestay family in Seattle, WA.