New York Homestay Pricing

for International Students

East USA

New York, New York

We offer different packages for students depending on their location, meal requirements, age and needs. Students choose the level of service they wish to receive and we will match them with hosts accordingly. See our student packages and inclusions below.

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Please note: *Pricing and rates are subject to change without notice.

**StudentRoomStay's Partner Schools may have different negotiated homestay rates than the rates listed.
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City Pricing - NYC (1)

High School Pricing

SRS Guardian


  • ✔️3 Meals Daily

  • ✔️Guardianship

  • ✔️ Orientation

  • ✔️24/7 Emergency Support

    + One-Time $350 Matching Fee

Students are billed monthly. SRS assumes the role of designated guardian for the student and will have regular contact with the student to ensure welfare needs are being met. Daily transport to and from school is available as an add-on service.

Weekly Fee
Standard Area: $486
Premium Area: $541

SRS Guardian Plus

Includes everything in SRS Guardian, plus the following:

    • ✔️ School Transportation

    • ✔️ Monthly Reporting

    • ✔️ Monthly Check-Ins

    • ✔️ Virtual Health Care & Prescription Discounts

      + One-Time $350 Matching Fee

SRS assumes the role of designated guardian for the student, facilitates regular communication between the parents/host family and will provide monthly reports on their progress and welfare. 

Weekly Fee
Standard Area: $558
Premium Area: $613
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SRS Guardian Plus -Annual Payment

When you pay for the academic year (42 weeks) in full, you will receive:

✔️Everything in SRS Guardian Plus
✔️Waived Matching Fee
✔️Free Airport Transportation

Academic Year
Standard Area: $23,436
Premium Area: $25,746

College/18+ Pricing




3 meals /7 days



2 meals/weekdays 
3 meals/weekends



Dinner Only 
dinner/7 days



Breakfast Only 
breakfast/7 days



Homestay Only 
0 meals



*Please Note: Reimbursement rates may vary depending on placement dates and length of stay


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