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Homestay Testimonials

It is a joy to see lifelong memories and friendships develop between our international students and their host families. Explore some StudentRoomStay stories below and see if you'd like to join our host family network!

Fun on the Central Coast

It has been so awesome to watch Lena and Sarah explore California and soak it all in. They really do become like part of your family. Hosting is a challenging and rewarding experience. You don't just learn about a new culture, you learn a lot about yourself."

Chip A.
Host Dad in San Luis Obispo, CA

Two Peas in a Pod

"We love to share life events together. Where I go, Archana goes. We are two peas in a pod. What a blessing this program has given to my heart 💜💯"

Host Mom from Charlotte, NC

Good Food and Great Friendships

"Because Changyu (James) is a photographer aficionado, we enjoy seeing all the pictures he is taking.  He is also taking pictures of the school's football team. It is nice that he and Kennedy, our other international student, are doing things together, like getting ice cream after dinner, or just sitting in the front yard with our dog enjoying the outside."

Darlene R.
Host Mom from San Juan Capistrano, CA

A Trip to the Big Apple

"On Friday, we were talking about dreams and never giving up, when one of the girls said, 'I already wanted to go to NYC.' After checking the weather and bus/hotel availability, I told them, 'you better prepare a bag for a weekend because we are going to NYC tomorrow.' That is what happiness looks like."

Rosy G.
Host Mom from Alexandria, VA

Ready to Create Your Own Memories?

All Smiles in California

"Elisa (international student from Austria) has been doing great in school and is adjusting well. She has enjoyed Mexican, italian and American food. She always seems to have a great attitude. We very much enjoy Elisa!"

Lisa F.
Host Mom from Irvine, CA

Memories to Last a Lifetime

"We had a wonderful holiday season with our student Andranik. Teaching him some of our traditions and him sharing with us some of his. It was a very special time for us."

Host Mom from San Jose, CA

The Joy of Holiday Homestay

Jorge enjoying the holidays with his international student, Hanabi (studying abroad from Japan).

Pictures sent to us by Gorge
Host Dad from Riverside, CA

Exploring Wisconsin 

International Students with their host families, studying abroad at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.

Pictures provided by Kettle Moraine
Jackson, WI

Academic Adventures with Friends

International Students arriving from Panama to study abroad for their academic semesters at Middle Tennessee State University.

Pictures sent to us by SRS Host
Murfreesboro, TN

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

International students dressed in costume, making cookies and enjoying Halloween traditions with their host families.

Pictures provided by SRS Hosts
Host families from across the USA