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Hosted Group Packages

Grab your squad and travel abroad.

  • Educational Tours
  • Short Term Visits
  • Flexible Stays


Short Term Group Programs

Short term programs provide students with a sneak peek into the American lifestyle over the course of 4 weeks-12 months. Students are matched with carefully selected host families, making fun memories with their American family that last a lifetime.

We can arrange homestay accommodation for your group if a tour itinerary has been fully organized, or we may be able to recommend a short term program with one of our partner schools to package with our homestay accommodations.

Short Term Group Programs
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Benefits of choosing a Hosted Accommodation

  • Cultural Immersion and Personalized Care: Host families provide an authentic cultural experience and personalized attention, helping students practice language skills and adapt to local customs.

  • Cost-Effective and Inclusive: Typically more affordable than hotels, host family arrangements often include meals and utilities, reducing overall expenses.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Host families offer a safe, home-like environment with supervision and emotional support, making it easier for students to feel comfortable and secure.

  • Local Insights and Community Connection: Hosts provide valuable local knowledge and help students engage with the community, offering a richer, more connected experience..

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Let Us Help Your Coordinate Your Trip

Request a Customized Quote

International tour groups receive all the advantages of our homestays, from our emphasis on safety and support to the cultural benefits of living with an American family. We work with schools, agents and tour organizers to customize each homestay package to suit your tour needs.

Tell us a little more about what you're looking for and a dedicated team member will get back to you as soon as possible.