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Immerse Yourself Into Hosted Accommodation (Homestay)

We understand the challenges and stress of navigating housing for international students under the age of 18. It can be tough navigating your schooling while also trying to adapt to a new culture. We have an extensive network of host families who are here to ensure You Feel Safe & Welcome! 

Specifically designed for students under 18 years old, our program has been proven to be the industries simplest, safest and most successful way for students to find secure and affordable housing with a qualified host.

We are ready to support, educate, and guide you throughout your student journey.

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Our Hosts Matter!

Our hosts are an integral part of international student's success. Carefully screened these individuals are excited to open up their home, welcoming YOU, while providing the highest form of hospitality throughout your entire experience.

Our Host families will mentor you through your journey and be there to accommodate any questions, concerns or issues that arise.  

What's Included:

  • Private bedroom that is fully furnished with a door for privacy.
  • Bed, dresser, desk, closet space, and shared bathroom. 
  • 3 meals a day (Under 18)
  • Transportation to and from school (Under 18)
  • Wifi & Utilities including gas and electricity
Additional resources:
  • Bedsheets and pillows are included.
  • Access to washer + dryer for laundry facilities. 
  • Access to common living spaces such as kitchen and family room, backyard, etc.
  • Access to couches, tables, chairs, tv's, cups, plates, silverware, oven, toaster, dishwasher, stove, and more etc.
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How it Works is Simple...


Start your journey

Pay your placement and matching fee and our team of specialists will reach out for next steps in setting up your matching profile. 


Complete your profile

Your profile allows us to learn more about YOU so that we can ensure you receive the best possible host match.


Matching process begins

Your specialist will reach out to you upon completion of your match to share host profile details.

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Immerse Yourself Into
Hosted Accommodation

Available for students under the age of 18. This includes elementary, middle school, and high school. 

Hosted Accommodation


Matching and Placement Fee

* Monthly accommodation fee will be invoiced after your match has been made.  Monthly rates will vary based on city and accommodation package. 

Services Include:

  • Vetted & Secure Hosts
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Meals & Transportation
  • Homestay Academy
  • SRS Guardian Support
  • Optional Add-Ons Services

StudentRoomStay offers custom-built homestay packages for students studying abroad under the age of 18. We understand the stress and culture shock you may experience. We are help to support you throughout your stay! 

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Ready to meet your host family in the USA?

Common Questions

How does Hosted Accommodations work?

StudentRoomStays (SRS) team of specialists will match every student with a carefully selected and vetted host family as near as we can to the student’s place of education. The host will then provide the student with a private bedroom as well as agreed-upon options such as meals and transportation and will assist them in learning the local customs as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with their new surroundings.

What is included with hosted accommodations
Your will receive:
  • Private Bedroom with a door
  • a bed, bed sheets and pillows
  • dresser and/or closet space
  • desk for studying with a chair
  • lamps / lighting
  • wifi / internet
  • You may have your own bathroom or you may share a bathroom with your host sibling or another international student. 

    Either way, your homestay package includes all the
    bathroom's facilities, including:
  • sink / counter space
  • drawers and/or cabinets for storage
  • shower and/or bath with running water
  • toilet with toilet paper
  • water for bathing/showering

  • Additional resources:
  • drinking water
  • gas / electricity
  • washer + dryer for laundry
  • home furniture: couch, chairs, tables, etc.
  • television
  • cups, plates and silverware
  • kitchen appliances: oven, toaster, dishwasher, stove, etc.
How long is a homestay?

Unless you are under 18 years of age – the length of the homestay is completely up to the student. Over 18 year old students are recommended to stay for their first four weeks in the country, just to get settled. Sometimes students choose to live with a particular family throughout their whole educational stay in the United States but it is entirely up to the student.

How are Hosts chosen?

The safety and well-being of each SRS Homestay student is our top priority. SRS Homestay uses a manadatory background check, in-home screening and interview processes to make sure that our hosts are able and willing to provide an environment that will create a comfortable, pleasant homestay experience. All hosts are required to take an online training course and successfully pass the exam. We offer additional content to assist hosts online in our Host Management System, which includes further in-depth cultural orientation and ideas for supporting a great homestay. All SRS Homestay hosts must speak English in the home.

What does the enrollment fee include?

Our initial enrollment fee covers your profile development and matching service.

your profile tell us more about yourself and your specific preferences so that we can find the most suitable host family for you. Once completed we then begin your matching service in an effort to find the best host or property for you. 

What Makes SRS Better?

SRS hosts are carefully screened and selected to ensure that they are committed to providing a great experience to our students. We require a national, criminal background check of all host family members over 18. Our homestay model has operated successfully for years with effective procedures, processes and systems so that we can fulfill the highest standards in the industry. Every service we offer is designed to ensure that students are safe, comfortable, and successful during their time in our program. 

What Does Homestay Cost?

SRS Homestay provides several accommodation and meal options for students to choose from. In general, homestay is an economical choice for students and will include a private bedroom with a place to study, internet access, an agreed-upon meal plan, use of the SRS website and services, 24/7 critical-incident support and optional airport transfer. There is a one-time matching fee per student. You will receive complete details specific to your requirements after you submit your application.

Have More Questions?

Find answers to all your questions in our Help Center: (Link here)

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