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Off-Campus Housing

Personalized home-matching for college students.


Find Student Housing Near Your School

Let our team erase the stress of student housing.
We'll find a home for you through our network of trusted hosts and properties.

Select your Matching Service

Will find a safe and suitable room based on profile submitted


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Will negotiate the lease price and term. Will ensure it is not a scam.


We'll Find Your Next Home!

Will provide ongoing support services and communication with the landlord during the duration of their lease.

Find Student Housing Near Your School

Homestay Pricing Varies by Location

Homestay pricing varies based your study abroad destination and add-on services. To get an estimate of homestay pricing in your area, check out our top destinations and find the city closest to your school in the USA!

RoomStay Matching Service Options and Pricing

We carefully facilitate the matching arrangements between every student and their new home, with service options available based on each student's timeline and urgency to find housing.

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Expedited Matching

14 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 14 days or less.


SRS Standard

SRS Standard

30 days or less

Our team will find student housing for you in 30 days or less.


SRS Flexible

SRS Flexible

90 days or less

Our team will find student housing for you in 90 days or less.



How Hosts are Paid

StudentRoomStay (SRS) pays a stipend to our hosts to help cover the day-to-day food and accommodation expenses of hosting a homestay student. Student weekly fees are paid directly to SRS by the student. We retain a small portion for managing the homestay and the remainder of the student fee is reimbursed to the host. Hosts are paid in a two-week cycle, with funds transferred directly into the host’s nominated bank account.

We handle all the payments to prevent disputes and protect the student from any arrangement that might compromise his or her health and safety while in a trusted homestay environment. SRS will issue a 1099 Tax Form to each homestay host at the end of each tax year for annual homestay fees over $600.

How Hosts are Paid

We will always be fully transparent about our pricing and payments! If you ever have any questions about receiving payments for hosting an international student, please don't hesitate to check out our host family resources or contact our team. We look for welcoming, caring host families to host international students—the stipend is just one of many benefits of the unique cultural exchange of homestay.


Lock In Your Off-Campus Housing

RoomStay is simply a way for college students to find secure student housing—in a safe home or apartment, near their school—for a great price. StudentRoomStay has multiple properties in Santa Barbara, CA and connections with student housing properties across the USA.

Additionally, many of our trusted host families have an extra room to spare that they'd like to rent out to a local college student. Unlike homestay, the host takes a more hands-off approach and will not be closely involved with the student's life. Students will have more independence and a room to call their own.

Lock In Your Off-Campus Housing


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