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Our goal is to increase the success of your local international student program and deliver a positive student experience.

We understand younger students require more attention and support, which is why we offer homestay solutions specially tailored to students under the age of 18. 

As part of the world’s most reputable Global Homestay Alliance, our CSIET-approved high school homestay program has helped thousands of students and host families to establish and maintain connections which can last a lifetime.


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Global Connections and Partnerships

✔️ Over 25 years of industry experience

✔️ Over 150k international students placed

✔️ Modern and intelligent technology

✔️ Close relationships with  agencies across the globe

Nationwide Host Family Inventory

✔️ Homestays considered based on students' specific needs 

✔️ Thorough background checks 

✔️ Monthly reports to students' parents

✔️ Orientations and Trainings for Host Families 

Safe Study Abroad Experiences

✔️ Affordable study programs 

✔️ CSIET-Certified

✔️ Student medical insurance coverage available 

✔️ ESL classes and private tutoring available

high school partnerships

The Premier Housing Resource for International Students

StudentRoomStay is part of the most recognized global homestay network for international students. Our Global Homestay Alliance includes some of the world's best standards-based student accommodation providers: AmeriStudent, American Homestay Network, Australian Homestay Network and Canada Homestay Network. Together we have placed more than 146,000 students from 183 countries in welcoming homestays.

StudentRoomStay has merged the talents, partnerships and technologies of the American Homestay Network and AmeriStudent to continue providing unforgettable study abroad experiences for students from across globe.



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