Host Family Matching Service

Our team of experts is ready to find a safe and welcoming host family for you in the United States! 

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Matching Service Options and Pricing

We carefully facilitate the matching arrangements between every international student and their host family, with service options available based on each student's estimated arrival date.

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Expedited Matching
14 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 14 days or less. 
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SRS Standard
30 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 30 days or less.
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SRS Flexible
90 days or less

Our team will present your host family in 90 days or less.
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*Depending on the matching service selected, our team will provide a host family option within 14, 30 or 90 days of the matching fee payment. Matches needed any earlier may require an expedite fee (in addition to the original matching fee). We are unable to guarantee a match in less than 7 days.

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Ready to start planning your homestay journey?

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How it Works

1. Select your Matching Service

Select the service that works best for you based on your arrival date.

2. Complete your Student Profile

Let us know your preferences, hobbies and what you're looking for in a host family.

3. The Matching Process Begins!

We'll find a friendly, CSIET-certified host family near your school.


About Our Matching Service

To begin, all international students fill out a thorough student profile with basic information, such as school location, age and more. Additionally, the student will let us know more about their lifestyle and preferences, which helps us find their ideal host family. This includes information such as pet allergies, dietary restrictions, hobbies, languages spoken, preferred levels of interaction and so much more. 

Similarly, our host families fill out their own profile to let us know if they can provide transportation, if they have pets, how close they live to school and other important details.

Based on the information from both the student and host family profiles, our team will present the student with their new host family option. If both the student and host agree—great news! We've made a match. That family will then begin preparing for their student's arrival and get ready to welcome them to the United States.

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We can't wait to find your host family match!